Saturday, September 13, 2014

Q&A with Gennifer Choldenko

Gennifer Choldenko, acclaimed author of Al Capone Does My Shirts, shares her journey to publication and some personal advice.

* After her first novel, Notes from a Liar and Her Dog, was published it was another twelve years before her next book sold.

* If you love to write but can't decide what genre you should be writing, pay attention to what you like to read.

* School visits with book signings are a great way to get the word out about your book as well as supplement your income. Encourage readers to have read at least one of your books before the visit because it gives them something to relate to.

Marketing your book--especially leading up to release time: Utilize your website by posting interviews, send advanced reader copies to bloggers who have been supportive of your past work, plan public speaking engagements during the first few months to build buzz prior to release. Give away a school visit, post on Facebook around release time, and hand out bookmarks.

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